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All You Should Know About Nevada Marijuana Laws

Most people go to Nevada because of its vast public lands and exceptional entertainment. People get to enjoy multiple things while in Nevada such as marijuana since it was legalized and it is among the few states in the country to legalize recreational marijuana. If you want to purchase any marijuana product then you should know the Nevada laws surrounding the industry so you can stay updated without getting in trouble with the authorities because of misuse.

The state allows both residents and tourists to buy marijuana legally as long as they are above 21 years. If the tourist wants to buy the marijuana than they should carry all the documents required and they won’t have any issues. The authorities will arrest you if you are found with more than an ounce or 3.5 grams of marijuana so you should only purchase this quantity at one time.

If you’re wondering where you can get marijuana in Nevada then you should go for state-licensed marijuana dispensaries which follow the state’s guidelines. The marijuana dispensaries have a well-trained staff that readily assist customers, so there is better service delivery. Several customers prefer going to the marijuana dispensary so they can learn more about the different strains available and how they are helpful.

Buying the marijuana from dispensaries that are not licensed by the state is illegal and you might pay hefty fines and penalties. It is better to ask outdoor eateries where you can smoke the marijuana to avoid hefty penalties since there are specific restrictions. Nevada authorities consider it illegal for anyone to smoke marijuana in public spaces so you should only consume them in private residences.

People are encouraged to work together with the authorities to know which places they should use marijuana especially for foreigners. Marijuana can alter the state of your mind and body so there are limitations for usage and you are not required to operate any machinery or vehicle after taking marijuana. There are hefty fines involved when one is found guilty for driving with marijuana in their system since it is illegal.

The government allows people to grow marijuana at home only if there are 25 miles away from licensed marijuana dispensaries and the age of 21. The state authorities will come to your home to check whether you have installed the proper security device required to protect the growing operation plus each individual is only allowed to grow about six plants that are not outwardly visible from a public place so other people will not access the plant.

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